Booking Notes

It is best if parties are booked at least three weeks in advance of party date. Any party bookings less than a two weeks before an event will be considered a rush order.

It is best that orders for gifting services be places at least two weeks before the date items are needed. Any gift orders booked in 7 days or less than are considered a rush order.

There is a fee for rush orders. 
A deposit for all party services is due at the time of booking.
Deposits are no longer accepted for gift purchases. They are now required to be paid in full at once.
Retainers are non refundable.
Prices listed on our site do not include set up fees (parties), taxes, or delivery.
All clients who book event decor must complete a Customer Service Agreement in order to be serviced. Even if you pay for your event service but do not complete the Customer Service Agreement you cannot be serviced.

We understand that life happens if you need to reschedule your event date you may do so and your deposit will be applied to the new date. Your new event date must be scheduled within 30 days of canceling your original event.